Our Goal

At the core of our business is the aspiration to aid sellers in cutting e-commerce operational costs. We achieve this by not only lowering product costs but also consistently procuring a wide variety of items in bulk from overseas. Our ultimate goal is to create an environment where running an e-commerce business is not only efficient but also economically viable for our clients.

Wider Range
of Products

For slower-moving items that are challenging to produce in-house cost-effectively, we source them in bulk overseas. Our extensive product variety aids sellers in minimizing sourcing and transportation expenses.


We create high-demand items like carton boxes, courier bags, and bubble mailers. This allows us to not only reduce selling prices but also deliver the utmost quality to our sellers, ensuring a cost-effective and premium solution for their packaging needs.

Steven Gan

CEO of Fixguru


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Carton Boxes


Courier Bags


Air Waybills


Our Commitment

Dedicated to affordability and effectiveness, we strive to deliver top-quality products at the lowest cost.

Ready-Made Products

Explore 500+ ready-made solutions designed to enhance and optimize your e-commerce operations.

Customized Products

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Executive Team

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Project Manager

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