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Our Packaging Supplies

Custom Made Packaging

We offer varies custom made packaging ranging from carton boxes to courier bag.

Ready Made Packaging

We have over 500 ready made packaging products with no MOQ requirement.

Other e-Commerce Supplies

We also offer e-commerce related supplies for both operation and office usage.


From major importer to Manufacturing

As a prominent player in the e-commerce supply chain, we specialize in importing a diverse range of packaging and E-commerce related products. Additionally, we stand out as a major in-house manufacturer of fast-moving packaging items, including top-notch carton boxes, bubble wrap, and courier bags. We take pride in offering tailored solutions to businesses involved in online commerce, equipping them with essential tools and high-quality packaging products for success. Our comprehensive range of products and services encompasses:

  • Custom made packaging products.
  • Ready made products
  • e-Commerce operation consultation.


Our Portfolio

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Our Products

Quality Products

Carton Box

With over 100 ready-made boxes, including RSC and Pizza boxes, we offer versatile packaging solutions. Additionally, we specialize in customizing boxes to meet your specific requirements.

Bubble Wrap

Our factory manufactures up to 5000 bubble bags daily, ranging from 10cm to 100cm, ensuring a perfect fit for any product. Choose the quality and color of the bubble wrap to meet your specific requirements.

Courier Bags

Explore our diverse selection of over 100 ready-made courier bags, available in various sizes, colors, and qualities. Customize your courier bags with personalized printing to suit your unique needs.

Thermal Sticker

Our thermal stickers boast clear print, strong adhesion, waterproof and oil-proof properties, scratch resistance, and a white, smooth finish. Designed for courier service applications, they facilitate fast, ink-less printing.

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    Asked Questions

    Generally, the Regular Slotted Carton (RSC) is the most economical structural design for the majority of carton box sizes.

    Recycled material denotes the use of 100% recycled raw materials in the production of courier bags, semi-virgin involves a blend of recycled and new materials, while virgin material indicates the exclusive use of 100% new materials in the production of courier bags.

    There is no minimum order quantity (MOQ) for ready-made products. However, for customized products, the quantity required depends on the specific sizes and materials you request.